Security Deposit Refund Guidelines

The refund of your security deposit will be based, in part, on the condition of the rental unit when it is returned to Preferred Residential.  Below are a list of items to clean and a list of tasks to perform when you move out.  These lists are not all-inclusive and are intended as a guide to help tenants receive as much of a refund as possible.

Cleaning SuppliesCleaning:

  1. All appliances, inside and out.
  2. Cabinets and drawers, inside and out.
  3. Where appropriate remove and clean light covers.  All light fixtures should contain working bulbs.
  4. Carpets shall be professionally cleaned and a receipt shall be provided to Preferred Residential.  We recommend Interior Care Carpet Cleaning.  All other floors shall be cleaned and/or waxed as is appropriate for the type of floor covering.  Clean baseboards and door casings.
  5. Clean window coverings.
  6. Forced air ducts shall be clean and free of debris.
  7. Ceilings clean and free of cobwebs.  Interior walls and doors clean especially in high traffic areas.
  8. Fireplace and hearth.
  9. All plumbing fixtures.
  10. Bath tub and/or shower surround including door tracks.  Toilet free of water stains.
  11. All windows, window sills AND tracks.
  12. Porch, deck, patio, walkway and garage.

Additionally, the following need to be completed:

  1. Dirty furnace filters should be replaced.
  2. All garbage/trash/debris removed to appropriate receptacle.
  3. All pet waste cleared from yard and removed from property.
  4. Lawn and grounds trimmed and mowed if applicable.
  5. Final utilities paid.
  6. All keys returned to Preferred Residential.
  7. Property left in condition as good as when it was received by the tenant as documented in the Condition Checklist.